The most popular dish from Venezuela & Colombia


Delicious fresh cornbread.

Enjoy a South American dish with your family or friends on the first Sunday of the month.

2 corn buns with filling


Black beans

White cheese

Beef thread


Spicy sauce

Avocado sauce (guasacaca)

Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Price pp € 16

Call for reservation 020-320 29 51 or mail to

Every 1st Sunday of the month. From 12:00 to 15:00
at Tasca Bellota Bickerswerf 2, Bickerseiland. Amsterdam

“The word Arepa possibly comes from the area of ​​the Cumanagoto. Some linguists indicate that the word arepa comes from the indigenous
word erepa, which the Cumanagotos - a Caribbean tribe living in northeastern Venezuela - called corn, a basic ingredient in the preparation of this food. According to another version, the word arepa could come from aripo, a kind of slightly curved plate, made of clay, which was used by the indigenous people to cook corn flour dough.

In Venezuela and Colombia in the early 19th century, each region and each family has its own recipe to make the arepa, which is very popular today and is considered a very representative icon of Venezuelan and Colombian gastronomy and culture."